LAST UPDATED: 09/09/2018

Date: Sept 2016


Date: Sept 2017

Breif: Design logo for Ear we Bow - a hair bow shop

Date: Oct 2016

Breif: Design logo for North of Nature

Date: Sept 2016

Breif: Design logo for Horse and Pup Meet up

Date: Jul 2016

Date: Aug 2016

Breif: Design logo for Jets & Toys.

Breif: Design logo and label for Old Bakery Gin

Breif: Design logo for Geometry IT Solutions

Date: Various 2016/17

Various graphic work for Coffee, Cake & Kisses flyers

GRAPHIC WORK: Coffee, Cake & Kisses

Date: May 2015

MelonCauli was a project where I had to create the idea of an app, design it's logo, UI and advertising campaign as if it was a real app. 

PROJECT: MelonCauli

Date: Mar 2015

This project was to create a space where poetry was key. The idea was a cafe based around Haiku. It was my job to create the logo for this project. 

PROJECT: Haiku Cafe

Date: Apr 2015

This project was to create a logo for a design competition for Speakers Corner Croydon.

PROJECT: Speakers Corner Croydon

Date: Dec 2014

The project was to take an existing brand and create a design to a brief for them. 

The SyFy Channel supplied logos and the brief of "the heart of SyFy". This was a range of idents I made for that breif. 


Date: Nov 2014

The project was to create a protest identity and website with merchandise and guerrilla strategy in mind.


The idea was to create a genderless / gender neutral protest about how women in gaming and gaming culture are often threatened, seen as lesser gamers, harrssed and often how blind other gamers are to these actions. 


Kitt Keighley

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